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KUKUWA® African Dance Workout is not only a workout, its an education and journey, one experiences each time they move their BOOMBSEY®.

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Kukuwa African Dance

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Get it Right and Get it Tight

Build, tone and define those muscles to the beat! No more dreading strength training, now you can look forward to getting right and tight african style!

Kukuwa Mama & Baby

For our moms pre and post partum we have you covered with our Kukuwa Mama and Baby Series! Fun ways for mama to get back in shape and keep it up while involving her children

Tasty Town

Welcome to Tasty Town! Amazing Healthy recipes for all diet types provided by our African and Caribbean Chefs to help you stay on track with your wellness goals! Shoutout to Kenyan Chef Les of "the Kenyan Kitchen" and Coach Shelly Wellness of "Body Food Freedom".

Emotional & Mindful Eating

Coach Shelly Wellness of, teaches mindful eating and plant-based nutrition. She helps tackle many of the struggles we face with emotional eating through mindful eating tactics

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  • Kukuwa® Dance Workout - Adult Intermediate

    2 videos

    Let the unmistakable music and routines of Kukuwa’s Move your Boombsey® Intermediate Workout take you away from your daily routine, where you’ll begin moving, shaking and trimming your Boombsey to a new and improved YOU! Don’t forget to download your Bonus Intermediate Instructional Video!

  • Kukuwa® Dance Workout - Adult Advanced

    2 videos

    Kukuwa’s expert instruction will not only be the most fun you’ve ever had working out to this Advance Move your Boombsey® Workout, but also burn off those extra pounds, strengthen your core, sculpt your body, increase stamina and energy levels all while boosting your endurance and metabolism!

  • Kukuwa® Dance Workout - Kids

    1 video

    Keep your child active, fit and healthy! This exciting workout is for your Kids to move their boombseys turning fitness into fun!!

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