Mama & Baby Series

  • MBS/KDW/GRGT - Play Date Party

    We are going to sweat and have a good time with Kukuwa Master Trainer Kree and her Mama Friends. Mama, we know your time is limited so we combined 15 minutes Kukuwa Dance and 15 minutes Get It Right, Get It Tight to maximize your time. All you have to do is Press Play and Let's Move Our Boombsey!

  • MBS/GRGT - Strong Like a Mother

    Hello Kukuwa Fitness Family! Let's Get It Right! Get It Tight! Grab your resistance bands and a chair! We are going to tone and tighten your entire body while listening to some Afrobeat Jams.

    **If you do not have resistance bands, you can use dumbbells, whatever you have in your home, or just u...

  • MBS - Afric Classic & Bands Baby Weight

    Join Us for 15 minutes Kukuwa African Dance and 15 minutes of Get It Right, Get it Tight!! We will be including the NuNorm Fitness boombsey bands, baby, and dumbells in the strength training workout.

    Let's Move our Boombsey and Get it Right, Get It Tight!

    Get your Boombsey Bands at Nunorm Fitn...

  • MBS - 15 min Kukuwa Dance / 15 min Tone & Tighten

    We are going to burn some calories, tighten, and tone with this Mama Baby workout. In this workout, you will do 15 minutes of Kukuwa Dance and 15 minutes of Get It Right Get It Tight strength training.

    What you will need for this workout:
    - Dumbbells
    - Baby Carrier (optional)


  • MBS/GRGT - Mama Cant Stop! Won't Stop!

    No matter how many times your baby or babies interrupt you, take care of your babies, then continue your workout. Some days are going to be easier than others but stay encouraged Mama.

    For this workout you will need:
    - dumbbells (light, medium, heavy)
    - mat (optional)

    Let's "Get It Right, Get...

  • MBS/KDW - No Nap Time! It's Boombsey Time!

    Hello Mama! Whether your child/children are team "No Nap" or team "Nap", you can still Move Your Boombsey with us! All you have to do is PRESS PLAY. Join us for this high energy 30min Kukuwa Mama and Baby African Dance workout.

    Today we are traveling to Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Ghana, Moza...

  • MBS/KDW - Work It Mama! WERK!

    It’s time to Move Your Boombsey!! Get your heart rate up, burn some calories, and lift your spirit with this 30min Kukuwa Mama Baby Workout.

    My sports Bra: @ruvaafricwear or Use Discount CODE: KUKUWA

  • MBS/GRGT - Tone Up with Bands

    Sculpt your arms and tone your Boombsey with weights plus bands.

    What you will need for this workout:
    1. Dumbbells (medium and heavy)
    2. Boombsey Bands

    Boombsey Bands: @nunormfitness or Use Discount CODE: KUKUWAFIT

    My sports Bra: @ruvaafricwear or U...

  • MBS/KDW - Busy Mama 20min Quickie

    As a busy mama, I’m always pressed for time, so a quick and effective workout is KEY! The length of the workout could be 15mins, 20mins, 30mins, or 1 hour. What is important is the amount of INTENSITY that YOU put in each and every workout 🙌🏾💪🏾

    Our Outfits ♥️: @ruvaafricwear or www.ruvaafricwea...

  • MBS/GRGT - All About The Boombsey

    Hello Mama! Today's workout is All About The Boombsey! We will target your glutes, quads, and hamstrings using NuNorm Booty (Boombsey) Bands. These exercises look simple but you will feel the Burn for SURE 😁

    What you will need:
    • Bands - We are using NuNorm Fitness Booty Bands. Go to nunormfitn...

  • MBS/GRGT - Burn Mama Burn 20 min

    Burn Mama Burn with this 20 minute "Get It Right, Get It Tight" strength training workout!

    What you will need:
    1. Dumbbells (light, medium, and heavy) or workout with the baby/toddler as added weight

    If you are wearing your baby in a carrier or wrap, please be...

  • MBS/KDW - Sweat It Out Mama

    Hello Boombsey Ambassadors! It's time to Move Your Boombsey! In this workout, we will focus on the total body and more specifically the CORE. As mothers, it is so important for us to strengthen and tighten our core. Your powerhouse is your CORE.

    Remember to Start Where You Are. Use What You Hav...

  • MBS/GRGT - Baby Weight

    Grab your dumbells or grab your baby and let's tone those muscles!

    What you will need:
    *Dumbells, baby, toddler, or any weight resistance you can use.

  • MBS/KDW - Energy Boost

    When you enjoy your workout, you release happy endorphins. Join us for this Mama and Baby Energy Boost Kukuwa African Dance Workout.

  • MBS/KDW - Afro Sweat Baby

    There are hard days in Motherhood but looking at your precious baby reminds you that it’s worth it ALL. We can make our days better together by encouraging each other to take charge of our Health and Well-Being…the FUN way...Kukuwa African Dance!

  • MBS/GRGT - Total Body Muscle Tone with Baby & Toddler

    Being a Mama is not about what you gave up to have a child but what you’ve GAINED by having one. Join us for this Total Body Muscle Tone with Baby and Toddler.

    What you will need:
    - Weights (light, medium, and heavy), you can use baby or toddler as weight, or anything in your house
    - Mat (option...

  • MBS/GRGT - Baby and Toddler Weight FUN & BURN

    Mama! I want you to really take a look at Cass and my son Austin in this video. Sometimes your children will want to work out with you and sometimes they will want to do their own thing and just play. This is our reality! The beautiful thing is you can still do your workout. Our goal is for you t...

  • MBS/KDW - It's a Family Affair

    It's a Family Affair! Get your family involved! My handsome husband joined us today. The entire family will have a BLAST! It's a party!

    Move Your Boombsey® with Us!

  • MBS/KDW Postnatal - Happy Mother’s Day Mama!! 15 min Quickie

    Happy Mother’s Day to ALL our Queens!!! I have a special treat for you!

    We at KUKUWA® Fitness want to celebrate YOU. We truly understand what it’s like to be a “Mother”. We want to give you this special series - Kukuwa African Dance Fitness Mama & Baby Series.

    It has been 3 years since I taug...

  • MBS/KDW - Hot Hot Hot Boombsey

    Join us to lose some real pounds and tone that body to amazing and beautiful back to sexy.

  • MBS/KDW - All Ages Are Welcome

    Join a generation of beautiful ladies ranging from 30s - 70s and get your boombsey moving with us!!

  • MBS/GRGT - Mat Work

    Join us on the mat and let's get our muscles ready for birthing. This will certainly get you ready to go.

  • MBS/KDW Prenatal- All Levels Are Welcome Lakeside

    Whether you are a beginner, or an intermediate or an advance or pregnant, you can join us in this awesome, fun workout and really get down with us.

  • MBS/GRGT - Resistant Weight Train

    Get your resistant weight and join us to build those amazing muscles for baby's arrival.